with Twitter

Tweet your event details with SnapCal. Birthdays, Anniversary, Events, etc…SnapCal effortlessly “Tweets” updates to your followers from your calendar. Tweeting with SnapCal is easy, you just select an event and lightly touch the “Tweet” button. Also, you can import tweeted events into your SnapCal calendars to instantly build your personal agenda.

with Evernote

Clipped web pages, one sentence in the mail, meeting memo, etc... SnapCal is able to pick-up the event information from accumulated “Memory” on Evernote. And also,you can post the event info from SnapCal to Evernote, so daily action will be manageable “Memory”.

with Google Calendar

SnapCal is able to synchronize with Google Calendar smartly. SnapCal supports all of "My Calendars", assigned "colors", and all of "Other Calendars". SnapCal is the best partner with Google Calendar in the world.

with Facebook

Do you remember the your friend's birthday? SnapCal is able to synchronize with Facebook for your friends birthday(w/ friend's picture :-), and public event information. Also, you can publish the your event info ontoFacebook.