1. Google Calendar API version 2 discontinued

Google announced Google Calendar API version 2 is subject to the Deprecation Policy and will be deprecated on November 17th 2014. Google Calendar sync will no longer support SnapCal version 2.x after this date. (https://developers.google.com/googleapps/calendar/v2/developers_guide_protocol?hl=ja) Please update to Snapcal 3.0 in order to use full features of SnapCal.

2. How to migrate SnapCal 2.x calendar data to SnapCal 3.0.

a.) Install updated version of SnapCal (SnapCal 3.0)
b.) Open the older version of SnapCal (SnapCal 2.x) and go to show Settings menu as shown in (figure.1).


c.) Click “Export to New SnapCal” in the Settings menu to view export settings shown in (figure.2)

Select the calendar(s) you wish to migrate, then click export. (Google calendar is not affected and can be configured separately in SnapCal 3.0)


d.) After click “Export” button, open SnapCal 3.0 to import previously selected calendar(s).

3. About SnapCal account

The SnapCal account feature is no longer available in SnapCal 3.0. All account information will be removed from our servers on June 30th 2015.